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Welcome to our Wild Rose Farm’s website!

We are located near Peace River, Alberta, Canada, a beautiful town with the Peace river running through it.

We farm about 1850 acres of cropland and 900 acres of alfalfa/grass hay and pasture.
Crops like spring wheat and malt barley for grains, yellow peas and canola for oilseeds.
All minimum-tillage and direct seeded for optimum yield and energy usage.

About 65 acres of corn every year for our cows to stand graze and oats around the corn for swath grazing at the same time, our cows really enjoy this combination.

We put quite a bit of hay up every year for winter feeding. In the summer we let our cows do rotational grazing on our pastures. Most of our calves are sold in the fall and we keep some for replacement too. Our farm has an environmental farm plan in place.

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"Experience is something you don't get
until just after you need it."


Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it